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L-R-G, also known as Lifted Research Group was started in 1999 as a company designed to overthrow the masses by it's influence. Their slogan is simple "underground inventive, overground effective".

LIFTED RESEARCH GROUP, more commonly known as LRG, is a clothing brand from Orange County, California, created by Jonas Bevacqua and Robert Wright in 1999.
“Underground inventive, overground effective”, their slogan is simple. By calling themselves “the underacheivers” they consider being a support group for underground and independent cultures. More than just a brand, LRG is a lifestyle. It sells product for the above-average persons fully committed to skateboarding and independent cultures..

The skateboard team is composed of Chico Brenes, Rodrigo Tx, Tommy Sandoval, Jack Curtin, Felipe Gustavo, Tom Asta, Trent McLung, Carlos Ribeiro and Miles Silvas.

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