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Flip Skateboards

Decks, Wheels, Bearings, T-shirts, Sweatshirts and Accessories.

Flip Skateboards

When we hear about Flip Skateboards brand our mind goes untill California, but people usually doesn´t know is that Flip Skateboards origins are British. In fact the original name of this brand was Deathbox and was created by Jeremy Fox and the professional Skater Geoff Rowley at beginning of nineties.

It was in July 1994 when the Flip Skateboards Headcuarters goes to West Coast, California to Huntington Beach, and the Skateboard company began to gain a lot of strength and weight in Skateboard world thanks to people like Rune Glifberg, Tom Penny and Ian Deacon .

In the 90´s, the company began to grow, but it was not until the new millennium that Flip Skateboards became a benchmark in the world of skateboarding. This was a direct result of the production of memorable Skate videos such as Sorry (2002), Really Sorry (2003), Feast Tours (2006) and one of the best Skate videos from all time, such as Extremely Sorry (2009).

Skateboard Decks

Flip Decks always been synonymous of the highest quality, as they are veterans in construction, measurements and shapes.

Flip advocates the highest quality in all its products and proof of this is the use of various technologies including P2 construction technology, consisting of using a 6 layer Canadian maple laminate of the highest quality the which are a little thinner than standard seven sheet laminates, and add an extra Keblar sheet. The result of this combination of materials is a table that distributes much better pressure and gives us a spring effect that translates into more Pop.

The graphics is one of the most recognizable features in Flip, no matter if they are cheech & Chong, the magic mushroom, the Gothic Flip logo letters or the various existing Pro models, Flip is a brand that does not leave anyone indifferent.


Flip also stands out in its line of textile offering us all kinds of garments, whether they be T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps. We can wear Flip Skateboards from head to feet and go comfortably and elegantly dressed.


Pro Team

There are many who have skated for Flip Skateboards.

Currently his professional team counts on Skaters like the legendary Bob Burnquist, the mythical Lance Mountain, Rune Glifberg, Tom Penny, David González, Luan de Oliveira, the beast of Arto Saari, Louie Lopez, Curren Caples, Louie Lopez, Alec Majerus or Matt Berger.

In La dolce Vita you can find the most extensive range of Flip Skateboards material that will meet your needs and expectations in both quality and price.

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