The style is defined by little stuff.

Details like that flat cap, or Trucker one, or a five panel cap slightly tilted.

All the accessories you were looking for.

Or a detail as unnoticed as sublimated socks, or stretched to the limit that more than a pair of socks look like stockings, and even that wallet that only you wear and dazzles all your friends when you pay.

The completest Caps Collection.

In La Dolce Vita you will be able to find all the hats that you have been looking for for all this time. We have a wide selection of all kind of caps both brands and types of construction. It does not matter if you opt for a Flat Cap, or a classic like a six panel, or five panel, and even for a baseball cap, surely in our catalog you give with your cap.

Just best Backpacks for you.

In La Dolce Vita you will find the backpack that you need, it does not matter if you want to carry your skateboard, going to school, a suitcase for your laptop or take the stuff to the park, the extensive range of backpacks that we offer you will cover everything that you expect from a backpack.

All our assortment of accessories for you.

From La Dolce Vita we are proud to offer you the brands that are most around the world. All the brands brought to you from New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Berlin, London or Tokyo. And you can only find them on your trusted website.

All the hats, backpacks, socks, purses, belts, briefs and merchandising of the brands that you like the most and that you had been looking for for so long.

Your favorite brands such as Nike, Adidas, Thrasher, Rip 'n Dip, Hurley, SOVRN, Roark, Obey, Diamond, Polar, Fucking Awesome, Dirty Velvet, Enjoi, Blind, Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz, Huf, and many more. with which you will go crazy.

All the Accessories you were looking with just one click.

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