Skate Trucks are a fundamental part of the Skateboard that serve us to turn and to do tricks (Grinds). Choosing the right ones is not easy, it is a thoughtful decision that we have to make when setting up a skateboard.

Skateboard Trucks you were looking for

Skate's range of Trucks is extremely wide so in the end we will opt for the brand that we like the most.

Skate axles are manufactured with different alloys of aluminum and steel. Generally the base and the Hanger are usually composed of these alloys and the Axle is usually made of Steel. The different brands have their formulas that give us more lightness and give us more ease when doing tricks.

Truck Parts

The parts that make up an axis are the Rises (riser pad), Axle, Base, Gums (bushings), Hanger, Kingpin and the Pivot cup.

Has it sounded to Chinesse? ..... To us in his day too, that is why we will try to explain to you which are all the parts that make up a Truck.

Axle.- It is a metallic part of the Axle in which the wheels are screwed and mounted inside the Hanger.

Base.- It is the element of the Trucks on which the different parts of it are mounted. It is the metal part of the Truck that is screwed to the board thanks to four holes and which fixes the Truck to the skate.

Bushings .- They are the part of the Trucks that allow us to turn and give us cushioning. These have a number that tell us the hardness of them. The harder the more stability when you do tricks or give him on the ramp. Rubber bands or Bushings are mounted on the Kinping.

Hanger.- This is the most visible part of the Truck and it is mounted on the Base in its front part inside the Pivot Cup and in its back it is fixed to the Base thanks to the kinping. The Hanger is the Truck part that allows us to Grind.

Kinping.- It is the part of the Truck that unites the different parts of it. It is a screw that is fixed in the base, in which the tires or Bushings are mounted and which fixes the Hanger with the Base. As you can see, it is the Truck binder.

Pivot Cup.- It is a hole that goes in the front part of the Trucks which gives stability to the axis since the Hanger rests in it.

Height of Skate Trucks

Basically the choice of the height of the Truck will depend on the diameter of the wheel to be used. A larger diameter plus Trucks height. The Skate Trucks usually have three heights:

    Low.- Low Trucks. They combine perfectly with narrow boards and small wheels. If yours are the tricks of soil, manuals and all kinds of flip tricks, these are your Trucks.
    Mid.- Middle Trucks. This kind of Trucks is the most versatile. They are for medium width boards and wheels with an average metric less than about 56 mm. It does not matter which skates the street, you give to the Skatepark or to the ramps, this kind of Trucks are the all terrain of the Skateboard.
    High or Standard.- They are the most traditional type of axis. Its height is higher than the Low. They are usually mounted on wider boards and larger wheels. They are a type of Trucks indicated for transitions, minis, Skateparks, Bowls, etc.

Trucks width

There are 3 ways to indicate the width measurement for Skate Trucks is determined by the manufacturer.

They can be shown in inches or millimeters and for more inri us they can give the width of the "hanger" or the total of the Truck (part of the Trucks in which the wheels are screwed).

The total width of the Truck is a very important factor since there is nothing worse for our great friend the Skate that the wheels protrude from the board or stay too much inside of it.

Currently the combination of alloys with which the Trucks are built is as wide as the range of different brands that exist in the market.

At the end the materials that compose it will determine the hardness and the Trucks weight.

If what we want to perform flip tricks we will opt for lighter Skate Trucks, but if we want to crush our Trucks based on very long grinds we will choose stronger Trucks that logically will be heavier.

The mid range Trucks are usually built with aluminum alloys for the "base" and the hanger and its Axle is usually built with a steel alloy.

A higher range of Trucks higher alloy quality, can be used aluminum with weapon standards, alloys with titanium and even magnesium Trucks.

There are other brands which choose to lighten their Trucks by putting hollow kinpings, hollow axles or perforated hangers.

As always, to choose your Trucks in La Dolce Vita will be a success since you will find the best online selection of internet.

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