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OBEY Clothing was founded on the art, design and ideals of Shepard Fairey.The clothing is heavily inspired by classic military design, work wear basics, as well as the elements and cultural movements Shepard has based his art career on.

Shepard Fairey used to study at the Rhode Island School of Design in 1989 where he built his artistic background and first drew an absurd sticker that has evolved into a real worldwide institution of street and fine arts.
In 2001, OBEY CLOTHING was formed, being the continuation of Shepard’s work. For him, clothing was only another canvas to spread his designs and ideology to the world. Shepard’s convictions are rooted ine the Do-It-Yourself counterculture of underground skateboarding and punk rock. He steeps his ideology in self-empowerement and uses with sarcasm the « OBEY » name to laugh at propagandists who want to bend the world.
Mixing work wear and military type clothes influences  with cultural art movements, OBEY Clothing focuses on variety and thinking about your surrounding, in the name of fun and observation.



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