The bearings are the part of our Skateboard that allows us that wheels move forward or backward.

All Skateboard Bearings in La Dolce Vita.

They are composed by small balls of steel or ceramic mounted in the middle of two concentric circular rings that are fixed on the Axel by a nut and mounted on a wheel allows us to move with our Skateboards or our longboards.

All Skateboard or Longboard bearings are manufactured in a standard size to fit all kinds of wheels.

There are different factors that make a good or bad Skateboard bearing quality and this is not only applied to running speed. They also have to do with their durability, load capacity in the axial, vertical or torsional planes, materials used, surface finish, lubrication and the factor that is most commonly highlighted is the tolerance measured in the ABEC standard. Unfortunately not all companies reveal many details of the bearings they manufacture, they only reveal the scale in ABEC to which they belong.

We will help you understand the parts of the bearings to make your choice easier.

ABEC Standard

ABEC Standard (Annular Bearing Engineers Council) is a system that helps us to certify the bearings for their toleranc.

ABEC is a certification with more than 30 years of history that establishes the standards in the dimensions, tolerances, noise and geometries.

Many people associate a higher number in the ABEC with greater speed in the bearing and this is not always the case. A lower tolerance in which the balls are closer to the inner ring and a greater tolerance the balls will be closer to the outer ring resulting in a more efficient bearing at high speeds. Other aspects such as the materials, shape of the rings, lubrication and the way in which the bearing works applying force in the different planes are factors that will make a bearing smoother, faster and more durable. In most cases ABEC bearings with more numbering are obtained with more precise manufacturing processes. ABEC certification not only defines the speed of the bearing.

Load on the bearings

Skateboard Bearings have to be prepared to have a good performance. The track (space between the rings that make up the bearing) must have the appropriate shape to dissipate the highest friction load in the three planes in which force is exerted.

In the vertical plane (above and below), Axial (right and left) and the bearing torsion (turns and twists).

A quality bearing will have a deep groove to hold the steel balls in place causing a limitation in their movement and thus avoiding friction, at lower friction higher speed. Minimizing friction is where the materials and lubrication of the bearing play in favor of speed.

Bearing Materials

Skateboard Bearings material is the main factor that directly impacts the price, that's why we can find in the market bearings from € 12 to € 120.

Ceramic precision bearings accelerate with incredible speed, roll more and travel more distance than conventional steel ball bearings. This is the reason why ceramic bearings cost from € 60. There is also a more economical option to ceramic bearings that are mixed bearings combining steel balls and ceramic that give an excellent result.

The conventional bearing is the one of steel balls that although they are not some ceramic possess an excellent quality.


Skateboard Bearings usually includes small metal cylinders called spacers. Although they are not essential they are advisable if you want to prolong the life of the bearings and optimize your configuration. The spacers are placed between the bearings inside the wheel and maintain the necessary space between both bearings. The result is that we can adjust the nuts of the Axle exactly and they will grant us more softness, subjection and a longer life of them.


Real secret and the decisive factor in some bearings to minimize friction is lubrication. That is why the use of high competition lubricants is recommended. We must remember that high quality bearings are designed to last much longer but require special attention to keep them clean and proper maintenance.

We will always recommend proper maintenance to extend the life of the bearings.

The golden rules of the bearings is:

Clean Skateboard bearings equals a comfortable riding

Comfortable Riding equals Riding smooth and fast.

Smooth and fast riding equals Maximum Enjoy.

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