Skate wheels are a fundamental element to riding our Skate. The comfort when riding our Skateboard, the smoothness and even the speed are determined by our wheels choose.

The Skate Wheels, a whole science.

Skateboard wheels manufacture has become something of a pseudoscientific category, both for trying to achieve the perfect compound and for its shapes.

The wheels are usually marked with their technical characteristics as follows:

51mm 21mm 100A

  • First number gives us the diameter of the wheel
  • Second number gives us the surface of the wheel that is in contact with the ground
  • Third number will give us the urethane hardness. The higher this numbering, the harder the wheel.


The main thing when we choose our skate wheels will be the diameter of these that are usually between 49 and 60 millimeters. From 60 millimeters are considered cruisers wheels, longboards and even Surfskates.

A larger diameter more speed of the wheel, will reach but the lower its acceleration coefficient.

A small diameter will give us greater lightness and a high acceleration ratio, that is, we will reach the top speed of the wheel very fast. It will also give us a lower center of gravity which will be very useful when it comes to Street's technical tricks.

According to its diameter we can classify the wheels in four groups:

49 to 52 millimeters.

These skate wheels are perfect for Street and all kinds of flips. They will give us great tact and we get high speed instantly.

53 to 56 millimeters

This measure is the most polyvalent. With this range we can skate in all kinds of terrain.

56 to 58 millimeters

This range of measures gives us stability at high speeds which is perfect for all kinds of minis, verts and bowls.

58 to 60 Millimeters

This measure is indicated for cruisers or to mount them in our Old School table. The hardness of this kind of wheel oscillates between 80A and 90A.

Skate Wheels Shapes

The shapes of the Skate wheels is something that at first glance we can not appreciate but that directly influences our Skateboarding. There are three forms with different properties.

Classic or Cruiser

They are the ones that maintain the original shape and tend to be soft giving us a great grip. They are indicated for cruising or a Skateboard Old School.


They are wheels that give us great stability and being larger give us great speed. Perfect for skating in the Bowl or ramps of all kinds. Big and robust.


This Shape usually have the wheels of little radius and tend to be narrower. They also have less contact surface, giving us less friction, less weight and a greater capacity for response. This type of wheel is indicated for technical tricks and Street.

Skate wheels Hardness

Hardness ratio of skateboard wheels is usually indicated in them and depending on the urethane compound they will be harder or softer. The wheels of Skate are usually hard and the numbering usually varies between 98A and 104A. There are wheels on the market such as the Bones that use the B scale that is equivalent to 20 points less than the A classification, being a 78B equivalent to a 98A or an 80B equivalent to a 100A.

Greater hardness, Greater number.

With a Harder Wheel, less friction against the ground and the greater resistance.

Lower hardness, better absorption on impacts and feels smoother when riding.

Skate wheels textures

There are three basic textures which we list below


This type of Skate wheels usually has some treads to help us grip on uneven terrain.


This type of texture is ideal for all types of Skateboard.


This type of Skate wheels is very soft and adapts perfectly to the ground to have a very comfortable Skateboarding.

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