The Skateboard is not just a sport, it is a way of living and understanding life. Involves many aspects, but the basics and what you have to start is to have a Skateboard.

Skateboard for you

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The Skateboard is not just a sport, it is a way of living and understanding life. Involves many aspects, but the basics and what you have to start is to have a Skateboard.

Skateboard for you

From la dolce Vita we are proud to offer everything related to the world of skate. Decks, Trucks, Wheels, Bearings, Rising Pads, all kinds of clothes, accessories and a long etc.

Skateboard Deck

That piece of wood that has given us such good moments.

Skateboards have evolved enormously since their creation. At first they were rough pieces of solid wood and nowadays they are authentic works of engineering.

The most common and traditional Decks are composed by seven Canadian Maple plies glued and pressed together, but we can find a very wide variety of technologies that combine different materials that give them more durability and other characteristics.

The most important thing about Skate boards is knowing the use that we are going to give you. It is not the same to want to do Street, skate wildly a Bowl or "pull" of Mctwist in an inhuman Vert. For that reason in La Dolce Vita you will be able to find one of the widest online catalog of skate decks. We also have a professional customer service to resolve any questions you have about it.

Skate Trucks

Our rudder, which gives us direction.

Skateboard Trucks are those pieces of metal that are fixed to our table and on which the wheels are mounted.

Skate Trucks come in different widths and heights. Normally the width is determined by the deck that we are going to use and the height depends of the kind of skateboard that we are going to practice. In the Skate Trucks section you will find infinity of Trucks that you can filter and thus find the one that best suits your Skateboard.

Skate Wheels

As with all elements of the Skate, the choice of Skateboard wheels are determined by the use we are going to give them. They come in packs of four units and have different diameters and hardness. In the Skate Wheels section you can filter and find your wheels, and if you have any questions you can contact our team of specialists who will solve any question immediately.

Skate bearings

Skate bearings are an element on which the wheel is mounted and are what allows us to roll with our Skate. There are standard ABEC bearings and we can also find mixed and ceramic bearings. You can choose yours in our bearings section and to refine your search you will have our fantastic filter on the left of the screen.

You can also find all kinds of screws, tools, Riser pads, and Grips of all kinds in our website.

What best suits you is a Skateboard mounted by you choosing all the components, for this we offer you your Skate configurator in which you can choose all the parts that compose it. You will also enjoy a 16% discount when riding your own Skate.

If you do not want to complicate and what you are looking for is a Skateboard already assembled in La Dolce Vita you will surely find yours as we offer you one of the largest complete Skates online catalogs.



    Does your "Pop" need a new Deck? In La Dolce Vita you can choose your Deck, we have one of the largest Skateboards catalogs of internet.

    The best Deck selection

    To Choose a Deck is not an easy task but we are here to help you choose the board that best suits your Skateboard.

    Decks Sizes

    The size of a skate board is always given in inches.

    Skate boards have three fundamental measures:

    •   Length.- It is the total length of a Skateboard board included between the points, that is, from "Nose" to "Tail".
    •   Wide.- It is the total width of a Skateboard board included between the sides of it.
    •   Wheelbase.- It is the length included between the fixing holes of the axes.

    Normally the extent to which we usually fix for the choice of our Skate board is Wide. Depending on our height, our standing number and the type of Skateboard that we are going to make, we will choose our ideal measurement.

    If what we are going to practice is Street and doing tricks in flatspots we will need closer Deck. These usually start at 7.75. The narrow Deck will facilitate us the ability to make all kinds of flips since they are narrower with more manageable.

    If what we want is to sherdals to the bowl we will need wider Deck which will give us greater stability and allow us to pump "all pills" through the bowl.

    We also have Decks "minisizes" designed and designed for the little ones.

    Concave Types

    Skate boards usually have three types of concave:

    •   Low
    •   Medium
    •   High

    There are several brands that offer intermediate concave between these three (Super High, Medium Plus, etc.)

    The concave that contributes to a Deck is basically rigidity. The greater the rigidity, the greater the reactivity in it.

    It also gives us tact when it comes to trick and "step" on our board.

    Types of Construction

    The engineering of the materials is present in the Skateboard.

    The traditional material with which a Skateboard board is built is the Maple and normally seven sheets of Maple of 1/16 "thick to" against grain "are superimposed and glued together. Subsequently they are pressed in hydraulic presses.

    But the new materials are being introduced in the construction of Deck. Elements such as carbon fiber, bamboo or fiberglass are used in new series of different brands within the Skateboard universe providing greater Flex, hardness and resistance to these. The main drawback of the new materials is that they directly affect the price.


    There are three types of "Shapes" in the Skateboard:

    • Popsicle. It is the most common way in the Skateboard. They have a similar shape in the Nose and the Tail and allow us to skate our boards in both directions. This makes it easier for us to do "facky" or "no ollies" tricks.
    • Old School. They are "Shapes" from the eighties. These forms are used in bowls or even to be mounted as a cruiser.
    • Shaped Decks. They are funny Deck cut with curious shapes. It's amazing how well they can be skated.

    The best online Skateboards selection. Chosen by and for Skaters. If you have any questions, our customer service will be happy to assist you.

    And as always in La Dolce Vita you will find what you need.


    Skate Trucks are a fundamental part of the Skateboard that serve us to turn and to do tricks (Grinds). Choosing the right ones is not easy, it is a thoughtful decision that we have to make when setting up a skateboard.

    Skateboard Trucks you were looking for

    Skate's range of Trucks is extremely wide so in the end we will opt for the brand that we like the most.

    Skate axles are manufactured with different alloys of aluminum and steel. Generally the base and the Hanger are usually composed of these alloys and the Axle is usually made of Steel. The different brands have their formulas that give us more lightness and give us more ease when doing tricks.

    Truck Parts

    The parts that make up an axis are the Rises (riser pad), Axle, Base, Gums (bushings), Hanger, Kingpin and the Pivot cup.

    Has it sounded to Chinesse? ..... To us in his day too, that is why we will try to explain to you which are all the parts that make up a Truck.

    Axle.- It is a metallic part of the Axle in which the wheels are screwed and mounted inside the Hanger.

    Base.- It is the element of the Trucks on which the different parts of it are mounted. It is the metal part of the Truck that is screwed to the board thanks to four holes and which fixes the Truck to the skate.

    Bushings .- They are the part of the Trucks that allow us to turn and give us cushioning. These have a number that tell us the hardness of them. The harder the more stability when you do tricks or give him on the ramp. Rubber bands or Bushings are mounted on the Kinping.

    Hanger.- This is the most visible part of the Truck and it is mounted on the Base in its front part inside the Pivot Cup and in its back it is fixed to the Base thanks to the kinping. The Hanger is the Truck part that allows us to Grind.

    Kinping.- It is the part of the Truck that unites the different parts of it. It is a screw that is fixed in the base, in which the tires or Bushings are mounted and which fixes the Hanger with the Base. As you can see, it is the Truck binder.

    Pivot Cup.- It is a hole that goes in the front part of the Trucks which gives stability to the axis since the Hanger rests in it.

    Height of Skate Trucks

    Basically the choice of the height of the Truck will depend on the diameter of the wheel to be used. A larger diameter plus Trucks height. The Skate Trucks usually have three heights:

        Low.- Low Trucks. They combine perfectly with narrow boards and small wheels. If yours are the tricks of soil, manuals and all kinds of flip tricks, these are your Trucks.
        Mid.- Middle Trucks. This kind of Trucks is the most versatile. They are for medium width boards and wheels with an average metric less than about 56 mm. It does not matter which skates the street, you give to the Skatepark or to the ramps, this kind of Trucks are the all terrain of the Skateboard.
        High or Standard.- They are the most traditional type of axis. Its height is higher than the Low. They are usually mounted on wider boards and larger wheels. They are a type of Trucks indicated for transitions, minis, Skateparks, Bowls, etc.

    Trucks width

    There are 3 ways to indicate the width measurement for Skate Trucks is determined by the manufacturer.

    They can be shown in inches or millimeters and for more inri us they can give the width of the "hanger" or the total of the Truck (part of the Trucks in which the wheels are screwed).

    The total width of the Truck is a very important factor since there is nothing worse for our great friend the Skate that the wheels protrude from the board or stay too much inside of it.

    Currently the combination of alloys with which the Trucks are built is as wide as the range of different brands that exist in the market.

    At the end the materials that compose it will determine the hardness and the Trucks weight.

    If what we want to perform flip tricks we will opt for lighter Skate Trucks, but if we want to crush our Trucks based on very long grinds we will choose stronger Trucks that logically will be heavier.

    The mid range Trucks are usually built with aluminum alloys for the "base" and the hanger and its Axle is usually built with a steel alloy.

    A higher range of Trucks higher alloy quality, can be used aluminum with weapon standards, alloys with titanium and even magnesium Trucks.

    There are other brands which choose to lighten their Trucks by putting hollow kinpings, hollow axles or perforated hangers.

    As always, to choose your Trucks in La Dolce Vita will be a success since you will find the best online selection of internet.


    Skate wheels are a fundamental element to riding our Skate. The comfort when riding our Skateboard, the smoothness and even the speed are determined by our wheels choose.

    The Skate Wheels, a whole science.

    Skateboard wheels manufacture has become something of a pseudoscientific category, both for trying to achieve the perfect compound and for its shapes.

    The wheels are usually marked with their technical characteristics as follows:

    51mm 21mm 100A

    • First number gives us the diameter of the wheel
    • Second number gives us the surface of the wheel that is in contact with the ground
    • Third number will give us the urethane hardness. The higher this numbering, the harder the wheel.


    The main thing when we choose our skate wheels will be the diameter of these that are usually between 49 and 60 millimeters. From 60 millimeters are considered cruisers wheels, longboards and even Surfskates.

    A larger diameter more speed of the wheel, will reach but the lower its acceleration coefficient.

    A small diameter will give us greater lightness and a high acceleration ratio, that is, we will reach the top speed of the wheel very fast. It will also give us a lower center of gravity which will be very useful when it comes to Street's technical tricks.

    According to its diameter we can classify the wheels in four groups:

    49 to 52 millimeters.

    These skate wheels are perfect for Street and all kinds of flips. They will give us great tact and we get high speed instantly.

    53 to 56 millimeters

    This measure is the most polyvalent. With this range we can skate in all kinds of terrain.

    56 to 58 millimeters

    This range of measures gives us stability at high speeds which is perfect for all kinds of minis, verts and bowls.

    58 to 60 Millimeters

    This measure is indicated for cruisers or to mount them in our Old School table. The hardness of this kind of wheel oscillates between 80A and 90A.

    Skate Wheels Shapes

    The shapes of the Skate wheels is something that at first glance we can not appreciate but that directly influences our Skateboarding. There are three forms with different properties.

    Classic or Cruiser

    They are the ones that maintain the original shape and tend to be soft giving us a great grip. They are indicated for cruising or a Skateboard Old School.


    They are wheels that give us great stability and being larger give us great speed. Perfect for skating in the Bowl or ramps of all kinds. Big and robust.


    This Shape usually have the wheels of little radius and tend to be narrower. They also have less contact surface, giving us less friction, less weight and a greater capacity for response. This type of wheel is indicated for technical tricks and Street.

    Skate wheels Hardness

    Hardness ratio of skateboard wheels is usually indicated in them and depending on the urethane compound they will be harder or softer. The wheels of Skate are usually hard and the numbering usually varies between 98A and 104A. There are wheels on the market such as the Bones that use the B scale that is equivalent to 20 points less than the A classification, being a 78B equivalent to a 98A or an 80B equivalent to a 100A.

    Greater hardness, Greater number.

    With a Harder Wheel, less friction against the ground and the greater resistance.

    Lower hardness, better absorption on impacts and feels smoother when riding.

    Skate wheels textures

    There are three basic textures which we list below


    This type of Skate wheels usually has some treads to help us grip on uneven terrain.


    This type of texture is ideal for all types of Skateboard.


    This type of Skate wheels is very soft and adapts perfectly to the ground to have a very comfortable Skateboarding.

    From La Dolce Vita we offer you one of the best skateboard catalogs on Skateboard wheels.


    The easiest thing when we start to Skateboarding is to acquire a complete Skateboard or mounted Skate. This will save us from one or another problem, since the technology within the Skateboard is such that it would be very difficult for us to correctly choose the different components that we need to configure our Skate.

    The best Complete Skateboard.

    Only in La Dolce Vita will you find one of the most extensive ranges of Complete Skateboard online.

    Choose your Complete Skateboard.

    One of the reasons why choosing a Complete Skateboard is because basically the Skate Deck will vary in size according to our foot, weight and height.

    The type of Skateboard that we practice will also be decisive to choose the size of our Skate, but when we are starting, our footnote will be more determinant than our pretensions when choosing a modality of Skateboarding.

    The measure of the Skateboards is given in inches and the width of the boards is taken as reference.

    Complete Skateboard Measures

    Basically we can include the different measures in four categories that are:
    Micro Size
    They are the smallest skateboards that are manufactured and are designed for children up to 6 years old which measure up to one meter in height and fit a 35 EU. The size of this type of Skate will vary between 6.5 and 6.75 inches.
    Mini Size
    They are Skateboards designed for children from 6 to 8 years old which measure between one meter in height up to one meter and thirty-five centimeters and fit from 35 EU to 38. The size of this type of Skate will vary between 6.75 and 7.0 inches.
    Mid Size
    They are Skateboards designed for kids from 8 to 12 years old which measure up to one meter sixty centimeters with a foot from 38 EU to 40. The size of this type of Skate will vary between 7.0 and 7.5 inches.
    Full Size
    They are Skateboards designed for kids from 12 years who measure from one meter sixty centimeters with a foot from 40 EU. The size of this type of Skate usually starts from 7.75.

    And if you have any doubt in your choice, from La Dolce Vita we have a professional team that will assist you and clear any questions you may have about it.

    Find your Complete Skateboard here.


    The bearings are the part of our Skateboard that allows us that wheels move forward or backward.

    All Skateboard Bearings in La Dolce Vita.

    They are composed by small balls of steel or ceramic mounted in the middle of two concentric circular rings that are fixed on the Axel by a nut and mounted on a wheel allows us to move with our Skateboards or our longboards.

    All Skateboard or Longboard bearings are manufactured in a standard size to fit all kinds of wheels.

    There are different factors that make a good or bad Skateboard bearing quality and this is not only applied to running speed. They also have to do with their durability, load capacity in the axial, vertical or torsional planes, materials used, surface finish, lubrication and the factor that is most commonly highlighted is the tolerance measured in the ABEC standard. Unfortunately not all companies reveal many details of the bearings they manufacture, they only reveal the scale in ABEC to which they belong.

    We will help you understand the parts of the bearings to make your choice easier.

    ABEC Standard

    ABEC Standard (Annular Bearing Engineers Council) is a system that helps us to certify the bearings for their toleranc.

    ABEC is a certification with more than 30 years of history that establishes the standards in the dimensions, tolerances, noise and geometries.

    Many people associate a higher number in the ABEC with greater speed in the bearing and this is not always the case. A lower tolerance in which the balls are closer to the inner ring and a greater tolerance the balls will be closer to the outer ring resulting in a more efficient bearing at high speeds. Other aspects such as the materials, shape of the rings, lubrication and the way in which the bearing works applying force in the different planes are factors that will make a bearing smoother, faster and more durable. In most cases ABEC bearings with more numbering are obtained with more precise manufacturing processes. ABEC certification not only defines the speed of the bearing.

    Load on the bearings

    Skateboard Bearings have to be prepared to have a good performance. The track (space between the rings that make up the bearing) must have the appropriate shape to dissipate the highest friction load in the three planes in which force is exerted.

    In the vertical plane (above and below), Axial (right and left) and the bearing torsion (turns and twists).

    A quality bearing will have a deep groove to hold the steel balls in place causing a limitation in their movement and thus avoiding friction, at lower friction higher speed. Minimizing friction is where the materials and lubrication of the bearing play in favor of speed.

    Bearing Materials

    Skateboard Bearings material is the main factor that directly impacts the price, that's why we can find in the market bearings from € 12 to € 120.

    Ceramic precision bearings accelerate with incredible speed, roll more and travel more distance than conventional steel ball bearings. This is the reason why ceramic bearings cost from € 60. There is also a more economical option to ceramic bearings that are mixed bearings combining steel balls and ceramic that give an excellent result.

    The conventional bearing is the one of steel balls that although they are not some ceramic possess an excellent quality.


    Skateboard Bearings usually includes small metal cylinders called spacers. Although they are not essential they are advisable if you want to prolong the life of the bearings and optimize your configuration. The spacers are placed between the bearings inside the wheel and maintain the necessary space between both bearings. The result is that we can adjust the nuts of the Axle exactly and they will grant us more softness, subjection and a longer life of them.


    Real secret and the decisive factor in some bearings to minimize friction is lubrication. That is why the use of high competition lubricants is recommended. We must remember that high quality bearings are designed to last much longer but require special attention to keep them clean and proper maintenance.

    We will always recommend proper maintenance to extend the life of the bearings.

    The golden rules of the bearings is:

    Clean Skateboard bearings equals a comfortable riding

    Comfortable Riding equals Riding smooth and fast.

    Smooth and fast riding equals Maximum Enjoy.

    The best selection of Skateboard bearings only in La Dolce Vita online Store.


    Skateboarding protected, Skateboarding safely, prevents injuries.

    Go protected when practicing the different disciplines of Skateboard is essential if we want to progress and avoid to not being able to continue skating because we have hurt ourselves.

    It is the worst thing that can happen to us, falling off a ramp, hitting us on a knee or an elbow, that it gets inflamed and prevents us from continuing to skate for weeks.

    This kind of hits have an easy solution, be protected with our Skate Knee Pads or our Skateboard Elbows.

    When protected, we reduce the risk of injury exponentially, so we offer a wide range of protections for the Skateboard, and remember that the most important thing in the Skateboard is your safety.

    Protect the most important

    The helmet is the most important element for your safety, therefore, in most Skateparks around the world it is mandatory to wear a protective helmet.

    Do not forget that it is your mind that allows you to move, it is the most precious asset and it is what not only allows you to visualize the trick, it lets you do it.

    The technologies offered by the different brands of Skate Protections are focused on our safety, for which the material with which they are manufactured is as important as a correct adjustment of it. It is useless to have the best helmet in the world if when we suffer a direct impact on our head, it moves and leaves it uncovered.

    For this we offer you one of the widest assortments of Skate Helmets you can find online.

    All the protections you may need.

    Our range of protections consists of all types of elbow guards, wrist guards, knee pads, shinguards, ankle guardsand Helmets.

    You will have no excuse to throw the Vert, jump a Gap or hit a Rail.

    We also offer you all kinds of Packs of protections with which you will go safely in all types of terrains.

    The protections of the different brands that you can find in our store are manufactured with the highest quality materials and tested in special laboratories, which will keep you safe from uncomfortable injuries.

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