Skateboarding protected, Skateboarding safely, prevents injuries.

Go protected when practicing the different disciplines of Skateboard is essential if we want to progress and avoid to not being able to continue skating because we have hurt ourselves.

It is the worst thing that can happen to us, falling off a ramp, hitting us on a knee or an elbow, that it gets inflamed and prevents us from continuing to skate for weeks.

This kind of hits have an easy solution, be protected with our Skate Knee Pads or our Skateboard Elbows.

When protected, we reduce the risk of injury exponentially, so we offer a wide range of protections for the Skateboard, and remember that the most important thing in the Skateboard is your safety.

Protect the most important

The helmet is the most important element for your safety, therefore, in most Skateparks around the world it is mandatory to wear a protective helmet.

Do not forget that it is your mind that allows you to move, it is the most precious asset and it is what not only allows you to visualize the trick, it lets you do it.

The technologies offered by the different brands of Skate Protections are focused on our safety, for which the material with which they are manufactured is as important as a correct adjustment of it. It is useless to have the best helmet in the world if when we suffer a direct impact on our head, it moves and leaves it uncovered.

For this we offer you one of the widest assortments of Skate Helmets you can find online.

All the protections you may need.

Our range of protections consists of all types of elbow guards, wrist guards, knee pads, shinguards, ankle guardsand Helmets.

You will have no excuse to throw the Vert, jump a Gap or hit a Rail.

We also offer you all kinds of Packs of protections with which you will go safely in all types of terrains.

The protections of the different brands that you can find in our store are manufactured with the highest quality materials and tested in special laboratories, which will keep you safe from uncomfortable injuries.

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