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Skateboard, Snowboard and Surf.

True To This....


Volcom was born by the hands of Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall during a trip to Lake Tahoe, at first it was going to be a little getaway to enjoy Snowboarding, but that little getaway became an epic week of powder and epic freerides. It is incredible to think that in those circumstances when you are literally busted after Snowboarding, you still had the strength and desire to think and create a new brand related to your three passions, Surf, Skateboard and Snowboard.

Volcom was born.

That little getaway became all one season doing Snowboarding and devising and planning what Volcom was going to be.

The recession, the riots of the Angels, the Persian Gulf War and the Grunge movement shaped what would be the philosophy of the brand: "Youth Against Establishment".

In this way, the first company dedicated to sliding sports was born, which was an incentive to unite these three communities and support the creative thinking of young people.

Volcom was and is a group of people refusing to submit to it under the established system.

Volcom, more than a brand.

The goal of Volcom is to create clothes and a style when dressing for people who share their passions, be it art, music, film, skateboarding, surfing or snowboarding.

Volcom is not just a Street wear company and a convincing proof of this is its Volcom Entertainment label.

Also tests of the three disciplines, one of them of the relevance of the "Volcom Pipe Pro" that has become the championship by antonomasia, the test that all Surfer wants to win, the biggest recognition in the world of Surfing.

The entire range of Volcom products is tremendously extensive, highlighting the clothing lines as V Co-Logical Series which is a line that stands out for its focus and ecological behavior or V Co-Operative Series which has been designed together with the different riders thinking about their needs, or the Featured Artist Series that are adaptations of the different artists that collaborate with Volcom.

No matter what you look for, urban clothing, swimsuits, jeans, jackets, footwear, Volcom is fashion, comfort and functionality achieving an unmistakable style.

We were born to chase what we are true to. 
It’s not that we want to… WE HAVE TO. 
We have a vision that turns obstacles into opportunity.
A creative courage to tempt the impossible…
And embrace the strange.
Telling us to push further…
To try again.
Endlessly seeking elevation…
We are all connected by this same internal force. 
Forever we chase that intoxicating moment when our vision is realized…
The world around us goes quiet…
And for brief moments, we are more than alive. 
True To This

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