Does your "Pop" need a new Deck? In La Dolce Vita you can choose your Deck, we have one of the largest Skateboards catalogs of internet.

The best Deck selection

To Choose a Deck is not an easy task but we are here to help you choose the board that best suits your Skateboard.

Decks Sizes

The size of a skate board is always given in inches.

Skate boards have three fundamental measures:

  •   Length.- It is the total length of a Skateboard board included between the points, that is, from "Nose" to "Tail".
  •   Wide.- It is the total width of a Skateboard board included between the sides of it.
  •   Wheelbase.- It is the length included between the fixing holes of the axes.

Normally the extent to which we usually fix for the choice of our Skate board is Wide. Depending on our height, our standing number and the type of Skateboard that we are going to make, we will choose our ideal measurement.

If what we are going to practice is Street and doing tricks in flatspots we will need closer Deck. These usually start at 7.75. The narrow Deck will facilitate us the ability to make all kinds of flips since they are narrower with more manageable.

If what we want is to sherdals to the bowl we will need wider Deck which will give us greater stability and allow us to pump "all pills" through the bowl.

We also have Decks "minisizes" designed and designed for the little ones.

Concave Types

Skate boards usually have three types of concave:

  •   Low
  •   Medium
  •   High

There are several brands that offer intermediate concave between these three (Super High, Medium Plus, etc.)

The concave that contributes to a Deck is basically rigidity. The greater the rigidity, the greater the reactivity in it.

It also gives us tact when it comes to trick and "step" on our board.

Types of Construction

The engineering of the materials is present in the Skateboard.

The traditional material with which a Skateboard board is built is the Maple and normally seven sheets of Maple of 1/16 "thick to" against grain "are superimposed and glued together. Subsequently they are pressed in hydraulic presses.

But the new materials are being introduced in the construction of Deck. Elements such as carbon fiber, bamboo or fiberglass are used in new series of different brands within the Skateboard universe providing greater Flex, hardness and resistance to these. The main drawback of the new materials is that they directly affect the price.


There are three types of "Shapes" in the Skateboard:

  • Popsicle. It is the most common way in the Skateboard. They have a similar shape in the Nose and the Tail and allow us to skate our boards in both directions. This makes it easier for us to do "facky" or "no ollies" tricks.
  • Old School. They are "Shapes" from the eighties. These forms are used in bowls or even to be mounted as a cruiser.
  • Shaped Decks. They are funny Deck cut with curious shapes. It's amazing how well they can be skated.

The best online Skateboards selection. Chosen by and for Skaters. If you have any questions, our customer service will be happy to assist you.

And as always in La Dolce Vita you will find what you need.

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