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SPITFIRE WHEELS was founded in 1988 as a wheel division to the Deluxe Distribution line of brands. The brand offers one of the largest selections of wheel sizes and durometers for a variety of terrains. The products are known for their reliability and quality.

SPITFIRE WHEELS was created in San Francisco in 1987 and has been operating under the Deluxe Distribution label since its creation. The skateboard wheel brand has a long list of professional riders that make up the elite team. They are considered by many skaters to be the best wheels in the industry. Spitfire wheels are 100% made in the USA.

Their famous Formula Four line is really complete with 2 duros, 4 shapes and 14 sizes different.

Spitfire features many famous riders worldwide known such as Andrew Reynolds, Tony Trujillo, Guy Mariano, Nassim Guammaz, Peter Ramondetta, Ishod Wair, Silas Baxter and many more. 

"Burn four-ever" 

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