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Independent Trucks

Skate Trucks, Bearings, accessories and clothing.

The INDEPENDENT TRUCKS CO. was co-founded by Richard Novak, Jay Shiurman, Fausto Vitello, and Eric Swenson in 1978. The brand is worldwide known for its material quality and reliability.

Independent Trucks

Independent was co-founded by Fausto Vitello (creator of the prestigious skateboarding magazine Trasher) and the NHS group, which also owns the world leader in skate wheels, Ricta, and other Santa Cruz Skateboards. The first model that made Independent was Stage 1 and did it on May 23, 1978, in Newark, California. According to its designer, Rick Blackhart, the axis was designed, in part, by the null presence in the market of authentic quality Trucks. "One of them broke, and the other did not do it again," Blackhart said in reference to Bennett Trucks and Tracker Trucks, respectively. The only Trucks makers at that time before the arrival of Independent.

Since then, the Californian company has been manufacturing skateboard shafts for more than 25 years, leading this sector all over the world. Also, after the success of its Trucks, it entered the market of urban clothes and other type of material for the skate. The last model to come out was in March 2003, the Stage 9. In turn, it was redesigned and relaunched in September 2006 making it 10% lighter than the 2003 original.
Independent is distributed through NHS Distribution, a conglomerate corporation of several skateboarding world companies. In 2003, with the 25th anniversary of the company, Independent released the book Built to Grind: 25 Years of Hardcore Skateboarding. Indy's original motto was "THEY'RE # * X ^ !!! HOT!", But later it was changed to "Built to Grind", the motto that gave title to that historic book.

Erick Koston, one of the best professional skaters, left Royal Trucks after being sponsored several years by this Trucks manufacturing company to sign for Independent in 2006. A real Independent market hit for his competitor Royal.

Independent means Truck quality.

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