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JART Skateboards

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JART Skateboards

Jart Skateboards was born in 2001 in the Basque country in the city of Irun. It is a business project created by Iraola brothers.

Currently Jart is one of the brands dedicated to Skateboard Decks and Complete Skateboards with greatest presence in the European scene. If you need a Skate Deck, Jart Skateboards gives you the highest cuality in Skateboard Decks Construction, Manufractured with highest cuality Standars and European normative. Thanks to their Team, they ever are innovating qualities and materials. Jart Skateboards is guarranty in high quality Skateboard Decks. They Also have a huge range in Complete Skateboards.

JART Pro Team includes Ivan Rivado, Sergio Muñoz, Mark Frölich, Fernan Origel or Adrien Bulard, and the Amateur Team includes promises as Cian Eades, Seb Simon, Fran Molina, Ben Garcia, Jorge Simoes, Roger Silva Carlos Neira or Ianire Elorriaga.

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