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Habitat Skateboards

Skateboard Decks, Skate Wheels and urban clothing.

Habitat Skateboards

Borned in 1999 by the hand of Chris Carter, Joe Castrucci, Mike Hill and Neil Blender Habitat Skateboards are born with a unique design and construction in the market, Skatelite.

The Skatelite is an innovative technique in the creation of Skates being used only 5 Maple plys instead of the traditional assembly of 7 sheets. The use of 5 plys produce much less friction when performing tricks and are much lighter than a traditional skate board. Habitat Skateboards is innovation in design and construction.

Their made in U.S.A. Urethane Skate Wheels Are created with the best compounds and with an ultra secret formula that make them be the most durable on the market. The best performance in the best wheels.

And what about the range of Skateboard apparel, unique designs and mops for elegant Skaters, without forgetting flat caps, hats and caps.

The best Pop for your feet.

It has one of the most famous Skate Teams in the world, with Skaters of the stature of Stefan Janoski, Silas Baxterneal, Daryl Angel, Marius Syvanen and an incredible amateur team.

Habitat Skateboards, your safer bet !!!

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