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Welcome Skateboards

Decks, Wheels and Inimitable Streetwear.

Welcome Skateboards

Welcome is a brand of Skateboard that was born with the desire and desire to promote the small underground side of the Skateboard.

Values ​​indissolubly linked to the Skateboard such as individualism and creativity, which are what make the set that surrounds Skateboarding grow and advance.

Welcome emerged from the need of a small group of Skaters with similar concerns to cover their desires to have something unique and inimitable. That is the philosophy that has gone hand in hand with Welcome to this day.

Welcome has always stood out for its unique and inimitable shapes and for its graphics and logos that are recognizable around the world.

The careful care when designing these Shapes makes it difficult to overlook this brand. It is a brand that bewitches us automatically.

One of the reasons why welcome is different is because of the more than 38 different shapes they have in ownership. We would even dare to say that it is one of the brands that pays more attention and care in the different forms of its collections.

Magically inimitable

Also mysticism and magic, two sources of inspiration for the welcome guys that leave no one indifferent.

We believe that a Team of Skaters should not be a collection of Skaters that are technically the best, but a community that is excited to give the Skateboard.

Your team has not been set up depending on the different celebrities that the different media want to promote, or who they can afford to pay.

They skate for and for us because they want, and because everyone has that very, very special something that makes you want to get on your board when you see them skate.

We believe that skateboarding is an artistic expression, and that is the reason why our boards are treated and designed with love, patience and dedication.


If these beliefs speak to you, you are Welcome.

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