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ACE Skate Trucks

ACE Skate Trucks

Skateboard Trucks chosen by the most demanding Skaters.

In the beginning, Skate ACE Trucks were conceived for bowls and in this way they have been widely accepted by this type of Skateboarders, but they are not exclusive to pools.

The excellent quality of these has been such that street skateboarders have adopted them for their endless sessions in the city.

ACE TRUCKS, Quality and performance assured

Ace Trucks are an axle inspired by the mythical Trucks from Skate Independent Stage 3.

Brand created by Joey Tershay in 2007 to re-signify Independent's Stage 3, preserving its unbeatable twist but making some aesthetic and technical changes to achieve the best axle on the market.

The position of the hanger with respect to the baseplate and reducing the kingping by inserting it further into its base make the ACE TRUCKS a benchmark for touch and maneuverability.

The aesthetics of these Trucks are a tribute to good taste, thinking and redesigning them until obtaining this work of engineering of the highest level.

It is the Trucks that every surgeon would demand to rip in the operating room ...... -Nurse, gauze, 50ml. Pure adrenaline and some Ace Axles.

The Ace Trucks range more than meets the expectations of any skater regardless of the style or type of discipline he practices.

The ACE AF1 range is characterized by being adapted to the most common and usual board widths.

The ACE Classics range of Trucks have a slightly wider axle,

Also note that the people of ACE are Skaters who think of other Skaters creating a nut that will allow us to create a new thread as a Tap when they are deformed by the side impact.

They really are the best Trucks you can find in their value for money.

At La dolce vita we offer you the best selection of axles you can find online.

Don't hesitate and grind with ACE. 

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