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Back in the early 80’s, finding quality bearings was difficult. American companies stopped producing and left the market because they could not compete the Japanese, who produced huge quantities at super low price. At that time, skateboarders wanted better bearings, to go higher on vert ramps and go faster and farther everytime they push.
This is how Georges Powell got the idea to make the best bearing possible at an affordable price. After several researches, he finally got in contact with a Swiss manufacturer and decide to work together to optimize the swiss bearing to skateboarding. BONES BEARINGS was created.
Bones Swiss was the fastest and most sought bearing at that time and no other bearing could equal their performance. Moreover, at that time, Bones Swiss were a lot more affordable than nowadays. Swiss legislations changed and more and more taxes appeared, forcing every body to rise the price.
With the rise of prices Bones decided to start producing with chinese producers, insisting on quality and reliability of the bearing, making Bones Reds. As Bones Swiss, the Reds are produced with qulity materials, have single shield to facilitate cleaning, have similar design and are pre lubed with Speed Cream.
Concerning BONES WHEELS, it all started 25 years ago as a subdivision of Powell Peralta but quickly became a separate brand. Bones Wheels is commited to manufacture the best quality urethane possible. The brand offers many different shapes, duros and design to seduce every skateboarder and offer reliable goods for all types of terrain.
More than wheels and bearings, Bones also produce soft goods (apparel, tees, hoodies, hats,etc…)  and accessories (bushings, hardware, helmets,etc…)

The team is composed of many amazing pro skateboarders such as Aaron Homoki, Tony Hawk, Jesus Fernandez, David Gravette, Felipe Gustavo, Sierra Fellers, Chris Haslam and many more.

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