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Mini Logo Skateboards

Decks, Wheels and Bearings.

Mini Logo Skateboards

Mini Logo is an American brand created with a very defined philosophy. Offer the best possible product at an incomparable price.

Yes, the quality is not at odds with the price.

Mini logo milita in the art of skateboarding in the rough, the pure Skateboard that we are so passionate about.
We all support the DIY (Do it Yourself) Skateboarding, local scene try to do everything in their power to get the fire of the Skateboard.
To keep the Skaters doing what they love the most, Mini Logo offers the best product at the best possible price, so much so that you will have to look twice at the price to be able to believe it.

The incredible range of skateboards offered by us make it the envy of any brand of the market both for its measures and for its concave.

Manufactured with Arce of the best quality and assembled in the best factories in the world, Mini Logo have nothing to envy to brands that double their price.

Unparalleled Pop and extreme durability. You need yours

Its wheels built with the best prothane on the market make us forget to suffer again the "square wheels", with the advantage of offering the measure and shape we need to practice our Skateboarding.

The range of Mini Logo wheels is extensive and covers all our needs, and the price is laughable.

Always Mini Logo

Mini Logo does not have a Team, which directly affects the price of all its products, but there is a grassroots movement around the world with innumerable official militants who use Mini Logo products, exaggerating their scenes and spreading the pure fun of it all. They remind us why we skated in the first place. This is the core of the MILITANT movement.
Support Skateboarding in its purest state, support the official MILITANT, support the Mini Logo and be a MILITANT more!

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