Ripndip Lord Nermal Pocket Pine

T-shirt à Manches Longues Ripndip Lord Nermal Pocket Pine

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Ripndip has some designs that are not from this planet. Lord Nermal, the image of Ripndip, in his different shapes and colors.

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T-shirt à Manches Longues Ripndip Lord Nermal Pocket Pine  

Extravagant designs that are both sober and of supreme quality.

Lord Nermal, Ripndip's cat, present in all Ripndip designs in one form or another does not go unnoticed.

Ripndip was founded in Orlando, Florida in 2009 by skateboarder Ryan O'Connor. At a skate camp he began customizing t-shirts for himself and some colleagues and sold them for just a few dollars.

In all Ripndip collections we can find high quality jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc.

In most of the prints we find the slogan "Must be nice" which, together with Lord Nermal, has become the icon of the brand.

Discover in our store the most premium selection of Rip n Dip.

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