Mosaic Company Super 1 Bearings

Mosaic Company Super 1 Bearings

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Mosaic Company Bearings Super 1 Model


Mosaic Company Super 1 Bearings

Super 1 Model

608 RS

High Quality Bearings

Removable frictionless Rubber Shields

Special Raccing Lubricant

Set of 8 ABEC7 Speed Mosaic Bearings

High Velocity

Mosaic Company

Famous European Brand around the world. Highest Bearings quality. Wide range in all kinds of bearings. Maximum speed for your Skate.

Wheels with best feeling under your feet.
High quality Bolts.

100% European Quality 

Skate Team with great Riders like Jesús Fernandez, Tyler Surrey, Javier Sarmiento, Madars Apse, Erick J. Petterson, Alain Goikoetxea and many more.

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