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Satori Movement sees the environmental and socio-economic potential in producing quality sustainable garments for a world that is continually in need of a positive change.

SATORI WHEELS is a skateboard wheel company. The name “Satori” is a Japanese Budhist term meaning “understanding” and referring to the experience of Kensho. Kensho is a combination of ken, meaning “seeing” and cho, meaning “essence”, “nature”. So, Satori means “seeing into one’s true nature”.
The brand promotes an organic lifestyle truly committed to skateboarding, which operates trying to reduce the impact on the environment. SATORI uses sustainable materials such as bamboo, organic cotton or hemp for its wheels and apparel. The company now has a complete man and woman collection of apparel.
The professional skateboard team influence the younger generations to be more conscious with a team composed of Aaron Suski, Alex Carolino, Brent Atchley, Flo Marfaing, Kenny Anderson, Nilton Neves and many more.

 1Love, 1Earth, 1Chance.

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