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BLIND SKATEBOARDS was created by Mark Gonzales in 1989, after ending his sponsorship with Vision Skateboards. Mark Gonzalez decided to name his company "BLIND" is in opposition to "Vision Skateboards". He started making skateboard decks. Nowadays, the brand not only produces skateboards, it has enlarged his collection to accessories and clothing.

BLIND SKATEBOARDS was created by Mark Gonzales in 1989 after parting ways with Vision. At the time, Mark was contemplating retirement because he didn't like the way Vision operated and felt skateboarding was no longer fun. Steve Rocco convinced Mark not to quit and to, instead, start a company with him where he could do whatever he wanted. 
The brand really started to rise after the success in 2001 of their skateboard video "Video Days", including Jason Lee's first video part as a professional.
The team is composed of riders such as Kevin Romar, Cody McEntire or even Sewa Kroetkov.


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