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KR3W Clothing was started in 2002 by Angel Cabada as a skate specific apparel brand. Angel was the creative force behind TSA and through similar marketing has grown KR3W into one of skateboarding and streetwear culture's premiere clothing companies. 

KR3W Denim  was born in 2003, created by Angel Cabada. The brand focuses on apparel and denim inspired from the skateboarding street culture in Southern California. The company is based on a strong formula : creating efficient and simple apparel made for skaters, by skaters. Gradually, the brand became more and more notorious, well known for its superlative denim and apparel, but also because of its respected, fashion forward and charismatic team of skateboarders.
A major part of the KR3W staff and professional skateboarders are close friends of Angel. They all live for the brand, representing and pushing it as far as they can because they appreciate it.
For the last decade KR3W came up with full collection of apparel, manufacturing denim, shirts, tees, hoodies, hats, beanies, watches, bags and other accessories with an extremely wide range of product. The brand is now recognized and is worn by many of the world’s most known celebrities (Lil Wayne, Terry Kennedy,etc…) and skateboarders. The popularity hasn’t change anything, the brand remains fully commited to skateboarding.

Team : Erik Ellington, Windsor James, Lizard King, Oscar Candon, Boo Johnson, Chewy Canon, Tom Knox, Tom Penny, Ryan Reyes, Aj Zavala, Taylor Kirby, Spencer Hamilton, Pat Burke, Chris Gregson.



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