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Supra Footwear offers you his best shoes and pro model. Comfortable, durable with a design and technology suitable for skateboarding.
A value for money that will not leave you indifferent. 
Discover the Supra products exclusively on "La Dolce Vita".

SUPRA FOOTWEAR & APPAREL manufactures and commercializes skateboard shoes and clothes. The brand is, with KREW Clothing, part of One Distribution. The company was founded by Angel Cabada in 2006 and has its head quarters in Costa Mesa, California.
Only three years after its creation, in 2009, the supra empire was already influent in the skateboarding industry as well as in the streetwear and sneaker industries.
SUPRA Footwear and apparel is a brand inspired and marketed by passionate persons, always trying to create new and original products to seduce its fans. Mixing streetwear, art, music and skateboarding, SUPRA Footwear has made its way to the top with a unique brand awareness. The products combine unique materials, innovative technologies and distinctive street stylish designs in order to create a product that fits skateboarding and fashion standards.
Many influential skaters such as Chad Muska, Erik ellington, Jim Greco, Stevie Williams or Antwan Dixon represent and inspire the brand which has caught the attention of big names in the music industry such as Lil Wayne, Justin Timberlake or Jay-Z.

Kick off a pair, pop some tricks and enjoy the ultimate confort when you’re chilling with your homies.


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