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Enjoi, It is not badly written, it is very simply  Enjoi Crew takes Joke to the extreme.

This brand was born in the new millennium, in the 2000 by the professional Skater Marc Johnson and the help of the invaluable and incredible Rondy Mullen. Formerly both were Skaters of the team A-Team, company of Steve Rocco.

The freshness in this brand is reflected in his pet - logo, the panda bear, which carries a hallucinating "good flow". Marc Jhonson confessed that both the name of the brand and the logo are the result of a revealing dream he had. Personally we do not know if that night went to bed having dined too much or with a few more drinks. The point is they got "on the spot".

Anthology was the first official video of Enjoi "Bag of Suck" that won in 2007 the Transworld "Video of the Year".

Currently the conglomerate Dwindle Distribution is responsible for providing us with such succulent articles.


Enjoi not only manufactures great Skateboard decks maded with Canadian Maple with the highest quality and made in the United States of America, they also offer us a wide selection of products for the Skateboard like wheels with highest Prothane compound quality, grips, hardware, rails, Wax, and practically everything necessary for the practice of your favorite sport the Skateboard.


The range of streetwear that they are offering us is amazing, they have no waste of any of their creatives that are simply great. From the legendary Panda Bear to any of the graphics on his Decks. I want all of them!

It is possible to emphasize the high quality of its garments thought to be used for the practice of our favorite sport, the Skateboard.

And as it could not be otherwise the motto of Enjoi is:

We skate, we party, we live life to have fun.

A full declaration of intentions

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