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Fred Perry

Streetwear, polo, shirts, sweaters, jackets.

Fred Perry

Fred Perry is a subculture icon that has endureed for more than six decades.

Since its creation in 1952 it was adopted by the young English working class, but it was not until the late fifties that it became an icon. This explosion came from the hand of the "mods", English young people with an exquisite and immaculate good look. From then until now Fred Perry has been more than just a brand.

The creation of Fred Perry emerged thanks to the association of the triple Wimbledon winner and the textile entrepreneur Tibby Wegner who was an Austrian exile during the world war and emigrated to London.

The type of pique fabric or honeycomb was widely accepted by users of Fred Perry and the Laurels' crown as the brand's logo in honor of the athletes of ancient Greece have made Fred Perry the delights of young people for more than sixty years.

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