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The Grimey or GRMY brand was created back in 2006 in the outskirts of the capital (Madrid). His beginnings in a small space of twenty square meters with a small collection of eight shirts that they themselves created and screen printed immediately had a bestial acceptance. The Creme de Grimey stands out for its improvement, vision, perseverance and hard work. Being this his "modus operandi" in 2007 they launched their first collection consisting of thirteen different models of t-shirts.

And they came to 2008 with that strength that characterizes them, and they were not satisfied with only launching T-shirt models. They launched an entire collection, producing all kinds of garments and accessories.

Grimey is Urban culture

Grimey is directly influenced by Skateboard, Hip Hop, Graffiti, Basketball and Trap.

Currently, the brand's commitment to music makes it work closely with the most prestigious of the national scene.

This urban mix makes Grimey more than just a brand. They make it a different style, personal and special.

Highlights the message of their shirts which do not go unnoticed and will not leave you indifferent. In fact, Grimey's middle name is "Burning and Looting" (burning and looting). A song by Bob Marley that inspired its creators to fight with a well-off and out-of-date industry.

Grimey is a brand created by people who grew up on the streets in the eighties, by people willing to create and develop without money, with much effort and a big heart. That is its master formula that as a result has produced a world-renowned brand. From Madrid, through the streets of New York and even reaching the city of Tokyo. Really a merit within the reach of a chosen few.

The collections of GRMY and the innumerable accessories and gadget that they offer make it an essential in our wardrobe.

Grimey is street, sells street and invests in the street.

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