Nike SB Icon Logo Navy
Nike SB Icon Logo Navy
Nike SB Icon Logo Navy
Nike SB Icon Logo Navy

Nike SB Icon Logo Navy T-Shirt

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Nike SB Icon Logo Navy

Nike SB kombiniert Qualität und Design in jedem Kleidungsstück.

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Nike SB Icon Logo Navy T-Shirt

The Nike SB T-Shirt

Nike SB

In 2002, Nike was officially introduced to the Skateboarding world under the "Nike SB" brand.

The nike classic Dunk was redesigned and released as the Nike SB Dunk Low. It consisted of padded tongues and "Zoom Air" insoles.

The shoe was more similar to other styles of skateboarding shoes than previous attempts by the corporation.

Finally Nike managed to get different models of shoes that were fitting into the world of skateboarding.

With the Estefan Janoski model, it will be placed at the top of the list of skateboard brands and for years they have been releasing models that do not disappoint both in quality and comfort, so it is a safe bet.

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